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Adjusting the Text size

Changing text size in Internet Explorer

IE 7 / 8

IE 7 was the first version of Internet Explorer to have a size-change facility permanently on view: the button in the bottom-right corner. This can be used to zoom the whole page (text and images).

Alternatively :

Select menu item View / Zoom;
Click on the desired size.
You can also adjust the zoom quickly by holding the Ctrl key down and moving the mouse wheel.

To adjust the font:

Select menu item Tools / Internet Options;
Select the “General” tab;
Press the “Fonts” button;
Select the required font;
Press the “OK” button;
Press the “OK” button.
There is also an option to ignore the font sizes specified by the page author. Often this will make pages more readable, but not always. You can find it as follows:

Select menu item Tools / Internet Options;
Select the “General” tab;
Press the “Accessibility” button;
Tick the option “ignore font sizes specified on webpages”
Press the “OK” button;
Press the “OK” button.
IE 9

Internet Explorer 9 is similar to 7/8, but has taken two steps backwards. Firstly the always-visible control has been removed. Secondly the menus are hidden behind the symbol in the top-right corner, whatever it is supposed to be – a ship’s steering wheel? a cogwheel? Anyway it’s a typical example of choosing superficial “design” in preference to actual usability. On the other hand you can now use Ctrl & ‘+’ and Ctrl & ‘-’ in the same way as Firefox.

IE 6

To adjust the text size (in IE 6 this however only works on some sites):

Select menu item View / Text Size
Click on the desired size. (The dot indicates the one currently selected.)
You can also adjust the text size quickly by holding the Ctrl key down and moving the mouse wheel. This works in the opposite direction to IE 7!

To adjust the font:

Select menu item Tools / Internet Options;
Select the “General” tab;
Press the “Fonts” button;
Select the required font;
Press the “OK” button;
Press the “OK” button.
Changing text size in Opera

In Opera 8 / 9 / 10:

Select menu item Tools / Preferences (or press Alt-P);
Select tab “Web pages”;
Click the button next to “Normal font”;
Select the font and size you like;
You can control fonts in more detail on the ‘Advanced’ tab.

Opera was the first browser in which one could rapidly zoom in and out on a page with the mouse-wheel: hold the Ctrl key depressed, and move the mouse wheel up or down. Or use the ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys on the numeric keypad, and ‘6’ to return to 100%. In Opera 10, the ‘6’ no longer works; one has to use Ctrl & ‘0’.

In Opera you can also set a minimum text size, so if a site uses some reasonable-sized text and some tiny text, you can force the tiny text to be readable. This is set in the ‘Advanced’ panel, as above.

Changing text size in Firefox

Firefox offers various ways of setting text size:

zoom in and out by holding the Ctrl key down and moving the mouse wheel;
zoom the text size in and out by using Ctrl & ‘+’ and Ctrl & ‘-’.
set the font in menu Tools / Options.
This is essentially the same in all versions up until now (version 3.6 at the time of writing). However where earlier versions only adjusted the text size, Firefox now zooms the whole page, in the manner pioneered by Opera.

Changing text size in Safari

In Safari one can zoom the text size in and out with Command + and Command –

The Command key on a Macintosh is indicated by an Apple or cloverleaf symbol. Or you can use menu View / Make Text Bigger.

Changing text size in Chrome

Google Chrome has a zoom option: click on the spanner button to the right of the address bar, and this opens a menu which includes a zoom option (which is rather crude, with large steps). One can also zoom with Ctrl & mouse-wheel.

The option to change the default text size is hard to find:

Click on the spanner button;
Select options;
Select “under the hood”;
Scroll down until you find “Web Content”;
Click the “change font and language settings” button;
Select “Fonts and encoding” tab;
Click the “change” button for the font type (serif / sans serif) you want. There doesn’t however seem to be any way of defining whether you want your default font to be serif or sans-serif, other than setting both types to the same font.
Select the font and size you like.
Frankly one would have expected better from an organisation like Google.

Changing text size in Netscape 6/7

Select menu item Edit / Preferences;
Select item Appearance / Fonts;
Select the fonts and size required (the one marked ‘variable width’ or ‘proportional’ is the most important one);
Press the “OK” button.
Alternatively you can adjust your text size in many browsers by holding down the ‘Ctrl‘ key (PC) and using your mouse scroll wheel to increase or decrease your text size.

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