When your old business computers and IT equipment reach the end of their life there are now some very important things to consider

  • Since July 2007 the Waste Electronic Equipment and Electronic Equipment Directive (also known as the WEEE Regulations) have meant that your old IT and electrical equipment has to be disposed of and recycled properly and responsibly. This means that you will need a Duty of Care Transfer Note and a Hazardous Waste Consignment Note to prove that your computer and IT equipment has been disposed of in a compliant way.
  • As well as your old computers possibly still storing some of your own commercially sensitive data and information (on the hard drive for example), your computers may also still have some customer data and information. Under The Data Protection Act of 1998 it is your legal responsibility to ensure that customer information is either erased or safeguarded so that it doesn’t reach the public domain, even when your computer equipment has been disposed of. You need to be sure that all along the line, including transportation to the recycling company, that any residual data and information has no way or reaching any aspect of the public domain.
  • You may be disposing of a large or mixed amount of computer and IT equipment without really knowing the quantity or type of items, which items or parts of items are classed as hazardous, or non-hazardous, or whether any of the equipment you are disposing of still has any residual value.
  • If you need to dispose of more than 500kg of Hazardous waste within a 12 month you will need to apply for a premises code.

How Ecolamp Can Help You With All of the Above and More…

Ecolamp has a thorough, transparent and effective retirement process for your old computers in order to ensure complete legal compliance, minimise data security risk, and give maximum value for money. Reasons to choose Ecolamp for your computer recycling include:

  • We separate out and make a detailed asset inventory of and report for all of the items that you want to retire. This allows us to:
    – More accurately assess recycling costs and arrive at a fair price for you.
    – Identify any equipment that could have a residual value which could be offset against the costs for you.
    – Separate out any hard drives so that any data still on them can be completely erased or degaussed, and to make sure that you are then provided with the correct certification to prove this.
  • We bring your equipment to our processing centre the same day using modern, secure lorries which use caging and packing to minimise damage or data security risks.
  • We use equipment retiring and data erasing processes that exceed the standards required by current laws and regulations.
  • We can help you to obtain a premises code.
  • We are fully licensed and authorised.
  • We offer very competitive pricing and there are no hidden extra costs.

For more information call Ecolamp now on 01925 230 825.