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Website Cookie Policy

Cookies are small files stored on your computer, mobile phone or device designed to enhance your experience when browsing the internet. We use cookies so that we can tailor your experience on this website and make it easier to use. We use cookies to compile visitor statistics such as how many people have visited our website, what type of technology / device they are using (e.g. Mac or Windows which helps to identify when our site isn’t working as it should for particular technologies) This also includes your use of our web-page: We keep track of certain information about you when you visit and interact with our website including interaction and page viewing data for example. Google analytics software is installed on this website to track site visitors to provide data to enable us to improve the customer experience.

Device and Connection Information: We collect information about your computer, phone, tablet, or other devices you use to access our web-page. This device information includes your connection type and settings when you install, access, update or use our web-page. We also collect information through your device about your operating system, browser type, IP address, URLs of referring/exit pages, device identifiers, and crash data. We use your IP address and/or country preference in order to approximate your location to provide you with a better service experience. How much of this information we collect depends on the type and settings of the device you use to access the Services. We actively store tracking information for up to a period of 50 months so we can continually improve the website user experience based on this data. To use location and map direction services within the website we request your IP location and postcode data to perform these search tasks.

Cookies and Other Tracking Technologies: Our company in accordance with third-party partners, such as our advertising and analytic partners, use cookies and other tracking technologies (e.g., device identifiers, web beacons, and pixels) to provide functionality and to recognise you across different services and or devices.

Some cookies may last for a defined period of time, such as one day or until you close your browser. Others last indefinitely. Your web browser should allow you to delete any you choose. It also should allow you to prevent or limit their use. This website uses cookies. They are placed by software that operates on our servers, and by software operated by third parties whose services we use.

Social Media

The site enables you to share information from the website via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter & Google+. We will never publish any details of our client’s details or usage on this site.

Add site comments

When you leave a comment on our website, cookies are stored on your local computer or device. This is purely a convenience so that you won’t need to re-type all their information again when you want to leave another comment. Three cookies are set for commenters:


The commenter cookies are set to expire usually just under one year from the time they’re set and added.

How we use Cookies information

As you may already know, cookies are small text files downloaded to your computer when you visit a website. This website, like almost every other, uses cookies to give you a better online experience. The usage of cookies improve the speed/security of our website, provide functionality and assist in making our marketing more effective.

We’ve changed the way our website works so that we can keep up to date with recent developments in the law relating to cookies in relation to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations). If the settings on your software that you are using to view this website (your browser) are set to accept cookies we take this, and your continued use of our website, to mean that you are fine with this and are providing your consent to for us to use cookies when you are browsing our site. Please also be aware our site, like most websites, includes functionality provided by third-party plug-in and service providers. A common example of a third-party cookie being used is an embedded YouTube video.

How to remove Cookies

Should you wish to remove or not use cookies from our site you can learn how to do this below, however doing so will likely mean that our site will not work as you would expect. If you do not consent to the usage of Cookie’s whilst visiting this website we recommend you leave straight away and do NOT access the url in the future via your browser.

To help you understand the types of cookies we use (or those which may be used by third parties on our site), we have categorised the cookies in relation to their functionality.

These four categories are;-

A) Strictly Necessary Cookies
B) Performance Cookies
C) Functionality Cookies
D) Targeting Cookies

A detailed description for each of the different cookies is set out below.

Website visitor Cookie usage consent

By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. From the 25th May 2018, your continued use of our website will constitute your agreement to our cookie policy statement in relation to the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) law.

To find more about cookies, including how to see what cookies have been set and how to manage and delete them, please visit

A: Information on Strictly Necessary Cookies

Strictly Necessary cookies are essential to let you move around the website and use its features, such as accessing secure areas, shopping baskets and online billing for example. These cookies allow our website to provide services at your request.

These cookies don’t gather any information that could be used for marketing to you or remember your preferences/ID, other than for your current session.

Strictly necessary cookies are used to:

Identify you as being logged on to this website. Identify you as being logged in to and members sections within our website. Remember previous actions when navigating between different pages on this website. Remember things like service selections you have made which allow us to provide you with the services or products you have requested.
Accepting these cookies is a condition of using the website.

Cookies we consider to be Strictly Necessary:

B: Information on the usage of Performance Cookies

Performance cookies collect information about how you use our website e.g. which pages you visit most often, and if you experience any error messages. They also allow us to update our website to improve performance and tailor it to your preferences.

These cookies don’t collect any information that could identify you all the information collected is anonymous. They will not be used to target adverts to you on other websites.

Performance cookies are used to:

Provide statistics on how this website is used (including selections that you have made and goods and services that you have viewed, during your use of this website).
Gather non-user specific data about the usage on this website and provide statistics about how this website is used.
Provide and track the effectiveness of videos embedded in this website.
Test different designs on our website.
Where our performance cookies are managed by third parties, we don’t allow them to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.

Cookies provided by 3rd parties;

  • Cookie: _utma
  • Cookie: __utmb
  • Cookie: __utmc
  • Cookie: __utmz

Cookie Host

To opt out of being tracked by Google Analytics across all websites please visit

C: Important information on Functionality Cookies usage

Functionality cookies are used to remember the choices you make, e.g. your user name, log in details and language preferences. They also remember any customisations you make to the website to give you enhanced, more personal features.

Functionality cookies are used to:

Identify you as having consented to use of cookies by this website.
Remember settings you’ve applied such as layout, text size, preferences and colours.
Providing proactive live chat sessions to help you with support.
Identify you as a human and not a bot.
Share information with partners to provide a service on our website. The information shared is only to be used to provide the service, product or function and not for any other purpose.
Provide enhanced log-in functionality where you choose i.e. (such as keeping you logged in even when you navigate away from the site).
Show you when you’re already logged in to the website.
We will not use functionality cookies to target you with adverts on other websites.

Where our functionality cookies are managed by third parties, we don’t allow them to use the cookies for any purpose other than those listed above.

As the name suggests, if you choose not to allow these cookies, the functionality of this website may be affected. It is also possible that by not permitting these cookies, our website won’t be able to remember some of the specific services you have chosen.

D: Important information on Targeting Cookies usage

Targeting cookies collect information about your browsing habits to deliver adverts which are more relevant to you and your interests. They also measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

Targeting cookies are used to:

Link to social networks like Facebook, who may subsequently use information about your visit to target advertising to you on other websites. Provide advertising agencies with information on your visit so that they can present you with adverts that you may be interested in. All of these cookies are managed by third parties, and you may alternatively use the third parties’ own tools to prevent these cookies.

Cookies we consider to be Targeting cookies:

We use ‘targeting’ cookies with Google Adwords Re-marketing advertising for example.

Cookies provided by 3rd parties;

  • Cookie: datr
  • Cookie: locale
  • Cookie: ul
  • Cookie: _e_oPLf_0
  • Cookie: NID
  • Cookie: PREF
  • Cookie: guest_id
  • Cookie: k
  • Cookie: pid
  • Cookie: stid
  • Cookie: uset

It may be that your concerns regarding cookies relate to so-called “spyware”. Rather than switching off cookies in your browser you may find that anti-spyware software achieves the same objective by automatically deleting cookies considered to be invasive.

You can usually switch cookies off by adjusting your browser settings to stop it from accepting cookies (Learn how here). Doing so may limit the functionality of our website and a large proportion of other websites you may visit. Cookies are a standard part of most modern websites. From the 25th May 2018, your continued use of our website will constitute your agreement to our cookie policy statement. However, if you have any concerns please get in touch and we can contact you to discuss any matters regarding our company cookie policy and privacy policy.