document Destruction

Secure Collection and Destruction of Documents

For certified document destruction we can send you heavy-duty rubble style sacks and cable/zip ties to seal the sack when full. We supply a pack of 10 for just £10.

When you are ready simply email us and let us know how many sacks you have filled. You cannot put plastic in with the paper, so no poly-pockets, plastic sleeves, plastic dividers or plastic files. Paper clips and staples are ok.

To destroy the documents and provide you with a destruction certificate the charge is £10 per sack, and an optional single charge of £10 for the certificate regardless of the number of sacks we collect from you.

In addition, we charge for transport, and you have two options:

Option 1 is more cost-effective, less secure. Option 2 is more expensive but more secure. Both methods are GDPR Compliant.

PLEASE NOTE: The transport cost in the table above for option 2 would not apply if we are already attending your site to collect waste fluorescent lamps, batteries, fridges, electrical or electronic/computer/IT waste. We would simply charge £10 per sack in addition to the charge for recycling other items.

To order either of these two services simply send a Purchase Order for £10 per 10 sacks.

Once we have collected full sacks from you, we would not invoice you until after we have destroyed the documents (and supplied you with a destruction certificate if requested)