As well providing a range of collection, disposal and recycling specifically tailored for WEEE Waste items Ecolamp also provides collection services for ALL OTHER HAZARDOUS AND NON HAZARDOUS WASTE.

Standard Collection Charge – Regardless of Quantities

For a standard collection charge of £129 all equipment is recycled free, regardless of quantity (with just a few exceptions).

One-Off Standard Charge for Waste Lamps + Other Waste… All In One Go

For a one-off, standard collection charge of £129 (for most areas) Ecolamp will collect your other Non Hazardous waste free of charge (up to 1 Tonne or van load) at the same time as we collect your hazardous waste / waste lamps. This of course means CONSIDERABLE SAVINGS FOR YOU + LESS HASSLE BECAUSE YOU ARE DEALING WITH JUST ONE COMPANY FOR ALL OF YOUR WASTE. It also means that YOUR OTHER WASTE IS NOT STILL STANDING AROUND, TAKING UP VALUABLE SPACE long after your waste lamps have been safely collected.

N.B. There is a charge £25 for the Hazardous Waste Transfer Note or £10 for Duty of Care note for non- Hazardous Waste. These would be needed anyway.

Examples of Waste Equipment We Collect

Here are just some examples of equipment we collect (mostly FOC after standard transport cost of £129). Contact us for a fuller, up to date list:

  • Small Appliances – kettles, toasters, microwaves, blenders, vacuum cleaners.
  • IT / Telecoms Equipment – PC’s / Servers / laptops, phones, printers and fax machines.
  • Large Office WEEE waste – Floor standing copiers, data racks and large servers.
  • Peripherals – Keyboards and mice, data cabling and data cards, USB drives and calculators.
  • Consumer electricals – Radios, video / DVD players, Hi-Fi’s.
  • Lighting – Luminaires and light fittings.
  • Tools – Drills, saws and cutting equipment, lawn mowers and other lawn / garden machinery
  • Medical Equipment – Home dialysis and monitoring equipment, hospital equipment.
  • Monitoring Equipment – Household and industrial smoke and & CO2 Alarms.
  • Dispensers – Coffee and vending machines (non fridge).
  • Display Equipment – Televisions and monitors.
  • Refrigeration Equipment – Domestic single door fridges, domestic air conditioning units.
  • Lighting – Linear lamps, CFLs, Gas Discharge Lamps, SON / SOX / HID.
  • Batteries – Household, lead acid, lithium batteries, UPS, and Ni-Cad batteries.
  • Ink & Toner Cartridges – Any type.
  • Polystyrene, Cardboard, Paper and Plastics CD – Clean and dry.

Examples of Some Items That Require an Extra Charge

Some items require an extra charge are as follows:

Monitors (Flat screen or Old type CRT) £5
Domestic Fridges £10
Commercial Fridges £15
Smoke detectors (Optical) FOC
Smoke detectors (Radioactive TBQ
Batteries (Household Dry Cell) £.50/Kg
Other Batteries TBQ
Polystyrene TBQ

For more information call Ecolamp now on 01925 230 825.