Fluorescent Lamps / Fluorescent Tubes

Fluorescent Lamps One-off Disposal

If you currently have a stock of used lamps that are not containerised but need disposal, we can collect and recycle them as a one-off for the following price:

Transport cost £129 – £199 Depending on your location (more for remote areas) Check transport cost to your postcode

PLUS: Hazardous Waste Consignment Note £25

PLUS: Recycling cost: £0.75 per kilo

To help you calculate the recycling charge without having to weigh the lamps, typical weights are:

Linear Lamps:

  • 6ft 0.4 kg
  • 5ft 0.33kg
  • 4ft 0.3kg
  • 3ft 0.2kg
  • 2ft 0.133kg

Compact Fluorescent lamps: 0.2kg

Example costs below:

  • 100 x 2ft lamps = 13.3kg = £9.97
  • 100 x 6ft lamps = 40kg = £30
  • 100 x CFL lamps = 20kg = £14
Please note sleeved lamps incur an extra charge of £0.10 (10p) per lamp, due to the extra labour charge in de-sleeving the lamps prior to crushing Teflon coated lamps (as used in the food industry) are £1.80 per kilo. Check transport cost to your postcode


Prior to collection your lamps must be either contained in cardboard boxes (or similar) or taped up in bundles. Please use masking tape or electricians tape. Do not use parcel tape or gaffer/duct tape as this is very difficult for us to remove.

Bubble-wrap is not necessary

Compact/SON/bulb lamps can simply be boxed.

Research shows that there are over 100 million fluorescent and highway lamps used in the United Kingdom each year which produce in excess of 3,100 tonnes of waste material which, until recently, has ended up in landfill sites.

Even though each lamp only contains a small amount or Mercury the sheer volume of waste means that large quantities of hazardous Mercury could find their way into our land and water supplies.

The Mercury from only one fluorescent lamp can contaminate up to 30,000 litres of water beyond a safe standard for drinking.

It is no longer legal to use landfill sites for fluorescent lamp disposal and the modern and environmentally sound treatment is fluorescent tube recycling by extracting the glass and metal components and distilling the elemental Mercury from the powder in the lamps for reuse.

Ecolamp offer this recycling service and have a simple pricing structure based on a price for the storage unit and price for collection and recycling of the contents.

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