Lamp Collection & Recycling

Fluorescent Lamps / Fluorescent Tubes

One stop 6ft/8ft coffin collection service

For smaller volumes we offer our one stop collection and disposal service. We will send out your coffin container for you to fill with lamps in your own time,
once full simply give us call and we will collect and return them to our depot for compliant disposal.

Fluorescent Lamps One-off Disposal

If you currently have a stock of used lamps that are not containerised but need disposal, we can collect and recycle them as a one-off for the following price:
  • 6ft coffin delivery & collect = £229+vat
  • 6ft coffin delivery, collect & replace = £279+vat
  • 8ft coffin delivery & collect = £279+vat
  • 8ft coffin delivery, collect & replace = £29+vat
  • 6ft coffins can hold approximately 100 6ft lamps, 130 4ft lamps, 170 3ft lamps
  • 8ft coffins can hold approximately 80-100 8ft lamps

If the coffin service doesn’t suit your needs we also offer a national service for larger volumes as per the prices below

Transport cost dependent on your location (more for remote areas) Check transport cost to your postcode

PLUS: Hazardous Waste Consignment Note £25

PLUS: Recycling cost: £0.90 per kilo

To help you calculate the recycling charge without having to weigh the lamps, typical weights are:

Linear Lamps:

  • 6ft 0.4 kg
  • 5ft 0.33kg
  • 4ft 0.3kg
  • 3ft 0.2kg
  • 2ft 0.133kg

Compact Fluorescent lamps: 0.2kg

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