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Lithium Ion Battery and electric vehicle recycling

A safe, easy and compliant solution
Lithium Ion and Lithium batteries are extremely dangerous and damaging to the environment and as such should never be placed in general waste or sent to normal recycling avenues.

Ecolamp offer a one stop easy service that’s competitive, Safe, and compliant for all your Lithium and Lithium-Ion disposal needs.

Our fully accredited service will also provide you with the relevant Hazardous Waste Notification which meets Environment Agency Standards.

ADR regulations list Lithium batteries as a class 9 ( dangerous goods) item, which means all batteries of this type must be stored and packaged in a very specific way to reduce fire risk and improve safety.

Using our UN Approved fire drums, Ecolamp can safely isolate and package your batteries correctly. We also use a special heat retardant substance within our containers to even further limit the exposure of a fire

One Stop Collection Service

For our one-stop collection service, Ecolamp will provide you with our UN Approved safety barrels so you can fill them in your own time. Once filled simply give us a call and we will arrange for the battery barrels to be collected and returned to our depot for decommissioning and recycling

30ltr battery drum plus vermiculite 53cm x 30cm ( capacity 40kg ) = £179+vat

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Collection For Large Volumes

For larger volumes we can either issue multiple UN approved barrels to you, or we can send our highly trained and bespoke operates to your place of work. They will then ensure your items are stored and packaged correctly for safe transportation back to our depot.

For a simple no-hassle quote or advice on how we can assist you please call or email now.

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Electric Vehicle (EV) recycling

It’s estimated that by 2035 there will be no more diesel or petrol vehicles on sale in the UK. The huge increase in electric vehicle (EV) and hybrid cars pose a difficult problem when dealing with end of life lithium batteries. Due to the extremely high energy output, electric vehicle batteries should be handled and stored with extreme caution. Ecolamp offers a bespoke end to end recycling service to keep you compliant within all WEEE electrical and hazardous waste legislation and do your bit for the environment.

Call or email now to see how Ecolamp can help you stay safe, secure and compliant with our competitive Electric vehicle recycling service.

With the increasing pressure to deliver longer more powerful and more sustainable batteries, it’s no wonder that Lithium and Lithium-Ion battery production has seen a huge increase in volume over the last 10-15 years.

Lithium Ion batteries come in a variety of shapes, chemistry and sizes and can be found in almost all electrical items including mobile phones, electric vehicles ( EV ), power tools and laptops just to name a few


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