See how Ecolamp has benefited many businesses with our unique WEEE regulations compliant disposal, collection and recycling service for fluorescent lamps, high intensity discharge (HID) lamps, linear fluorescent light bulbs and CFLs compact fluorescent light bulbs around the UK.

I rang Ecolamp on Wednesday morning to order a lamp storage coffin and it arrived Friday morning. We filled it with spent lamps by lunchtime and emailed the address on a label on the box to request it be emptied. By the following Tuesday their engineer had arrived, removed the lamps, and left us with an empty container – easy! Jerry Walker, PDW Electrical Contractors.

I would like to let you know how easy it is to use your service. I faxed a request for tube collections at our storage yard, and they were gone 2 days later! The least I can do is pay your invoice as promptly when it arrives 🙂 Janice Leadbetter, Enviro Ltd, Cheshire

My sunbed salon had a back room full of used UV lamps, and your Guy Nick came and crushed them on site, then left me with an outside lockable storage container for future lamps. it cost me over £150 for the tubes removal and £400 for the container, but now I have a spare room and have ordered another sunbed! Thanks. Lucy Jebson, Tan City, Liverpool L8

I’ve sold 17 of your coffins to my customers so far, they contact me when they are full, and I send Ecolamp to empty the containers. Most of them are factories and offices that simply do not have any staff that can be allocated to sort out the recycling, so they just Email me and I forward the email to Ecolamp, who dispose of the used lamps and supply a Waste Transfer note. I simply invoice my customers with a small mark-up, and pay the Ecolamp invoice when it comes in! , I’ve not yet seen one full of tubes myself yet, Ecolamp does the lot. Bill Grayson Electrician, East London