Waste Lamp Storage Containers

Ecolamp has a choice of 3 types of container for your used lamps to store them legally and safely whilst awaiting collection for recycling.

The Coffin is 8ft long x 1ft high and 1 ft wide. It holds 100 x 8ft linear fluorescent lamps, 200 x 4 ft and of course even more of the smaller lamps eg 2 ft linear, of CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). The Lamp coffin costs just £99 plus £30 delivery, and is made from corrugated plastic, suitable for outdoor use. You are not tied into any type of contract when purchasing our containers, you are free to use any company you like to recycle the lamps when full.

The mid range size of lamp container is the Large Tubesafe, pictured below. It is 8ft x 2 ft x 2 ft and holds 400 x 8ft lamps, 800 x 4ft lamps, and many more of the smaller lamps. It is made from high impact polypropolene so is suitable for outdoor use and can withstand heavy handling. A carrying handle is fitted at each end. £329 + £60 delivery

Our largest container is the pallet box, pictured below which holds 1000 x 6ft lamps, or more of smaller linear or compact lamps

Dimensions are W 1200mm x L 1900mm x H 1025mm

The container fits onto a pallet and can be relocated with a fork lift truck when full

£395 + £55 delivery

All lamp containers are themselves 100% recyclable, weather resistant and durable

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